the heart

"There's a lot of good in learning the game of football, especially if the men in your life love it. There's also something special about learning more about the guy behind the jersey. Bridging the gap between the fan and the player, is the start of some amazing things in our culture. 

That's what I'm going to do.

-Haley, founder of JNH Media

Bridging the gap

 Jerseys And Heels is the first sports reality program for women, taking viewers to a new perspectie with some of their favorite professional athletes while helping them learn more about the game. The plot will be putting these ridiculously larger than life men (and the women in their lives) in off-putting settings like horseback riding, nail salons, or shoe shopping to open them up about their passions outside of their respective sport and giving fans an inside look at life beyond the jerseys.